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Who should join PGCC?

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    Oil & Gas Producer

    Individuals, business entities and associations engaged in the exploration and production of natural gas and/orcrude oil in Pennsylvania.

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    Oil & Gas Industry Service Provider

    Individuals, business entities and associations that offer products and services such as drilling, leasing, marketing of natural gas or crude oil, pipeline construction, well management and service, logging, and similar goods or services related to the exploration and production of Pennsylvania natural gas or crude oil.

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    Professional Firm

    Individuals, business entities and organizations that provide significant engineering, consulting, legal services, accountants and other such support to the crude oil and natural gas exploration and production industry.

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    Associate Member

    Individuals who do not fall into any of the categories above. Also, not-for-profit entities.


Sept 7, 2017 Tour of Penn Brad Oil Museum, Bradford, PA

Back row L-R State Rep Tommy Sankey, Senator Scott Hutchinson, David Clark PGCC Pres, State Rep Marty Causer, DEP Deputy Secretary Scott Perry, State Rep Kathy Rapp, Willard (Bill)  Cline, Sr. Cline Oil, Inc, Senators Brook’s staff , Exec Assist to office O&G Division Todd Wallace, Dan Palmer ARG, Judy Saf Adm Assist PGCC, Richard Parizek Emeritus Professor Penn State, and State Rep Will Tallman. front row Denise Remillard Special Assist to secretary DCED and State Rep Donna Oberlander.

PA Grade Crude Oil Coalition kicked off it’s field trip with lunch at the Bradford Club where those attended were welcomed by PGCC’s President David Clark and Secretary Arthur Stewart.  Host and speaker, Jeannine Schoenecker, President & Chief Operating Office of American Refining Group, stressed how important it is to keep the local “light sweet paraffin”  grade crude oil that is produced by the conventional wells coming into the refinery.  Since the down turn in the industry, ARG has had to find other sources for new crude that is suitable for the refinery.  ARG is the backbone in our community  and provides  above average pay, benefits, and  takes pride in it’s products and employees.  Following our lunch, there was a bus tour of a Bio-remediation site located at the ball fields at the University of Pittsburgh, Bradford and  Cline Oil’s “oldest producing well” in McKean County located in the parking lot of McDonalds.  The bus tour ended at ARG’s receiving stations where all the oil arrives into the refinery via trucks and rail cars.

Next stop was the Penn Brad Oil Museum where the group was welcomed by members of Museum’s board and briefed on the history of the oil and gas in the Bradford fields. Those who attended toured the tool house, viewed several displays, and countless engines.  (See Photo above)

Below is a photo that was taken  at Minard Run Oil Company’s  lease located in the Allegheny National Forest (ANF).  Here Jim MacFarlane, Vice President of Operations & Business Development, along with two other’s from Minard Run Oil Company, Bill Dixon and Tony Rollick started a pump jack powered by an electric motor and explained the process of how the oil and gas are produced and separated.     The oil is stored at the tank battery for pickup and the gas is metered and marketed through a pipeline.

Tour of Conventional oil and gas wells located in the ANF, Warren County.

Thursday’s tour ended at Dock Sider’s Cafe with Arthur Steward  and his daughter Katie briefing on how his company, Cameron Energy, has been keeping up with the current demands of the rules and regulations and the financial stress due to the poor oil and gas prices.

Friday morning those attended regrouped at the local Perkins for breakfast and then on to the shop of Cameron Energy.  Here we were heard from Joe Thompson, VP Devonian Resources, Inc, Stuart Morris, Penn Hills Resources who recently acquire SWIPI assets, Scott Perry, DEP  Deputy to  Secretary, Tyler Martin and John Stewart Cameron Energy.  Those who stayed were giving the opportunity to operate a bulldozer and excavator.

David Clark would like to thank each of those who attended for taking time from their busy schedules to better educate themselves about the Conventional Oil and Gas Industry.  As we each went through the Penn Brad Oil Museum in Bradford, our tour guides were eager and enthusiastic  to share their knowledge  on the history of how our predecessors   laid the foundation for our generation to grow and to expand our small businesses in this area.  I can’t think of a better way to share with you what our families have built and are trying to preserve for generations to come.   The Board of PGCC and their members appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you in the future.