Subsurface FAQ Updates


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to provide clarification to regulatory language updates….


Below is a message and information received from DEP regarding update to the Subchapter D FAQ page:

“Several years ago when Subchapter D was updated, we developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page designed to provide clarification relevant to what was – at the time – new regulatory language.  The FAQ page was designed to be revisited and enhanced over time as new issues and questions were encountered.  We have made several rounds of updates over the years and plan to continue to do so.  I am sending this correspondence in an effort to make companies aware of the most recent update, which addresses the use of additives when drilling through the fresh groundwater interval (tophole section).  The regulatory language only permits air, freshwater, or freshwater-based fluids; and this establishes a bright line with regard to additives.  We have seen several instances where regulated substances were used as additives during tophole drilling and this is contradictory to the regulation.  The specific FAQ addressing this matter is located here.  The FAQ index page can be accessed here.  Finally, the Oil and Gas FAQ landing page is found at this location.”

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