Mechanical Integrity assessment

03/09/2015 — Important Updates Regarding Mechanical Integrity Assessment Program

Note from DEP:

“We are approaching the end of the first quarter and I wanted to update you regarding some important matters related to the Mechanical Integrity Assessment Program.  So far, the numbers are very good for the inaugural reporting year.  Further, there is definitely still time to get your report in – the reporting period will remain open indefinitely.  However, we are targeting a public release of these data at the beginning of the second quarter, so your best bet is to get your report to us by the end of this month. If you are struggling with any aspect of the program, please let us know.  We have seen and resolved many different types of issues.

Summary of a few key matters:

(1)We have released updates to Form A and Form B that are currently on the website – one company did a great job troubleshooting some errors in the code and we implemented fixes.  We cannot post the fix on our website, however, as there are .exe file extensions.  Please contact DEP if you would like to install the fix pack – this will allow you to keep all of your wells set up, but import the new code.  If you do not install the fix, the only bug you may run into is if you report a ‘0’ for production pressure – some of the calculations do not respond correctly for this scenario and the Data Summary Sheet will have some errors, but your report should still be imported into our data-receiving system without issue.

(2)Please note that all flows are reported in CUBIC FEET PER DAY, NOT THOUSAND CUBIC FEET PER DAY.

(3)Please note that decimals are not accepted for pressures or flows, so if either are below 1, you will have to round up to 1 or use “NRM” for not readily measurable, if you are using Form C.

(4)Make sure you indicate the file type (Form A, B, or C) when uploading your data through GreenPort/OGRE – without this your data will be imported as a default “paper” file and will not be validated.

(5)Make sure you receive some notification that your report is on file with us as an email – sometimes these go to spam by mistake.  I have attached an example for reference. see attachment



PGCC hosted several MIA training sessions in the Fall of 2014.  The power points, forms and information from these sessions can be found below.


Mechanical Integrity Assessment – PA State DEP

Submitting Well Integrity Data


Mechanical Integrity Form C