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Information for anyone wishing to become a qualified contractor that could plug wells for the Commonwealth….


Below is a link to the Construction Contract’s website which is where you can view the bidders list and acquire a bidder application.  A bidder’s application is required in order to be notified of upcoming plugging contracts through direct mailings.  New contracts are also posted on the Construction Contract’s website as well as in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.  When completed, the bidders application should be mailed to the address at the bottom of that page.  You will be notified of upcoming contracts based on the criteria that you specify on the form.  There is a $10 cost for bid packages, payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The bid packages can be acquired on-line and are also sold at the pre-bid conferences.  The form and envelope in the bid package are required when submitting bids for plugging contracts that you are interested in.

If viewing the Abstract of Bids in the above link, the “OSM” prefix denotes abandoned coal mine reclamation contracts.  The “OOGM” prefix denotes well plugging contracts.

If you would like to view the Department’s plugging regulations in Subchapter D, sections 78.91-78.98, the following link would display them.

If you have further questions, please contact Susan Ghoweri directly at 717-772-0217:


Susan M. Ghoweri, P.G. | Professional Geologist Manager

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