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PGCC team visits Harrisburg to discuss regulations and legislation

February 8 & 9, 2016

Harrisburg, PA – PGCC members David Clark, Bruce Grindle, Arthur Stewart, Doug Jones, and Dan Palmer were in Harrisburg this week.  They visited with over 30 legislators to educate about the state of Pennsylvania’s conventional oil and gas industry.  They carried with them job loss information provided by PGCC members.

The team met with legislative members from both the Republican and Democratic sides of the aisle.  The team carried with them photographs of, and data about, conventional oil and gas well sites in order to educate about the differences between Pennsylvania’ conventional and unconventional oil and gas industries.

Before taking to the road the team asked PGCC members to submit information about job loss, business closures, and other suffering occurring in the conventional oil and gas world in western Pennsylvania.  The PGCC members’ response was overwhelming, with members submitting data about business closures and layoffs.  And, without even being requested, many members sent in heartfelt stories about the hardships now underway.  The PGCC team put together 5 pages of stories and several pages of data about closures and layoffs.  The information had a profound impact on the legislators the team visited; the stories were often met with long silence as legislators felt the pain expressed in the words.

The team discussed with the legislators the many layoffs and closures and how difficult it will be to recover even when (if) oil and gas prices stage a recovery.  Legislators are shocked to learn that we cannot sell our natural gas for NYMEX and that we have been receiving much less than $1.00/mcf.  The team discussed with the Senators and Representatives the increased costs of the Chapter 78 regulations and many legislators asked the question: “how will you pay for the cost of the regulations.”  Exactly.

Severance tax was also a topic of discussion because the budget for this year remains incomplete.  At every stop the PGCC team made sure to request that conventional oil and gas be “carved out” from a severance tax, if a severance tax proposal gains traction.  As with past visits the team met with universal assurances that the legislature is coming to grips with the differences between the conventional and unconventional industries and the need to legislate them separately.  We should expect any severance tax bills that make it to the table to have a carve out for conventional oil and gas.

PGCC has had a team in Harrisburg nearly a dozen times over the past two years.  When important legislation is moving in Harrisburg PGCC invites all its members to participate in Member Day in Harrisburg.  Watch for an announcement and consider joining us for a Member Day if the need arises later this year.

Pictured below PGCC Members and Senator Wagner:

From L to R: Dan Palmer, Bruce Grindle, Senator Wagner, Arthur Stewart, and David Clark.

Pictured below PGCC Members and Senator Stefano:

From L to R: Dan Palmer, Arthur Stewart, Senator Stefano, David Clark and Bruce Grindle.