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Who should join PGCC?

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    Oil & Gas Producer

    Individuals, business entities and associations engaged in the exploration and production of natural gas and/orcrude oil in Pennsylvania.

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    Oil & Gas Industry Service Provider

    Individuals, business entities and associations that offer products and services such as drilling, leasing, marketing of natural gas or crude oil, pipeline construction, well management and service, logging, and similar goods or services related to the exploration and production of Pennsylvania natural gas or crude oil.

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    Professional Firm

    Individuals, business entities and organizations that provide significant engineering, consulting, legal services, accountants and other such support to the crude oil and natural gas exploration and production industry.

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    Associate Member

    Individuals who do not fall into any of the categories above. Also, not-for-profit entities.

About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of the Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil Coalition is to advance local economies and energy independence by promoting conventional oil and gas production in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

More Info About the Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil Coalition

PGCC was formed in the summer of 2013 by twenty producers and refiners of conventional oil and gas. The founding members were concerned about burdensome regulations being proposed and implemented by the DEP. The regulations make no sense in the context of conventional oil and gas development; the cumulative financial burden of the regulations will drive most conventional operators out of business.

The founding members believe that PGCC fills a unique niche, namely, a laser focus on the issues associated with the development of new conventional oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania. PGCC’s focus is different than other organizations. Many of the PGCC founding members are also members of PIPP, and PIPP continues its valuable work in the “patch”— especially with regard to legacy wells. The majority of PIPP’s membership is not involved in new well development. PIOGA’s work in the patch is also valuable and many PGCC members are also members of PIOGA. However, much of PIOGA’s effort is devoted to unconventional oil and gas issues. With greater well pressures, much larger site and resource needs, different development and production techniques, etc., unconventional wells are very different than conventional, and should be thought about and regulated differently.

The mission of PGCC is to focus on the issues involved in conventional oil and gas well development and to advocate for the regulatory and economic environment necessary for the conventional oil and gas industry to prosper. PGCC is currently involved in the following:

  1. PGCC continually analyzes how proposed DEP regulations and proposed Legislation will affect conventional oil and gas well development.
  2. PGCC has retained the law firm of Babst Calland, an experienced environmental firm, to assist in the analysis of and, if necessary, to litigate, the regulatory issues affecting conventional oil and gas development.
  3. PGCC made several trips to Harrisburg to advocate the bifurcation of the proposed Chaper 78 Subchapter C regulations for conventional oil and gas wells.    With the support of our legislators, our efforts were successful and the fiscal code enacted as part of annual budget legislation signed into law July, 2014 requires the differentiation between conventional oil and gas wells and unconventional gas wells”. .
  4. PGCC worked very closely with DEP to address the regulatory requirements proposed for the Mechanical Integrity Assessment.  PGCC hosted a meeting with DEP representatives in July 2014 and as a result of that meeting the DEP proposed a MIA Short Form for Conventional Operators.
  5. PGCC organized numerous training sessions with the DEP for Conventional Operators in both NW Pa and SW Pa for the MIA Short Form for Conventional Wells.PGCC continues to meet regularly with members of the legislature

The threats facing the development of conventional oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania are grave. We invite you to join the membership of the PGCC in order to face these critical threats.

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